Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The First Word

A Londoner who moved to Berlin is going to blog about it. It's going to be interesting because German people and English people are kind of the same and kind of different. This is going to be so original.


Ian said...

May I have the honour of having the 2nd word on your blog. Really looking forward to reading more from you, so many of those things that happen to you have been lost to time. This way you can keep a record and move one step closer to that Seinfeld sitcom... but set in Berlin.

Bully said...

I too am looking forward to hearing your tales. We’re all rooting for you. I admire the challenge you have set yourself a great deal. I am slightly jealous that you have cornered our market though.

Ian and I are going to another English speaking country for a year, and have no plan whatsoever. Where as you have moved to a fabulous European centre with a dream. Even worse is that no matter how hard I practice, you will always be a better guitarist than me!

Cheers, Andy

Anonymous said...

Good luck fellow Berliner. More writing, less cake :)

Lewis said...

Nice blog Jase! I'll stick a link on mine if that's alright. Keep up the good work! Tsus.