Wednesday, January 25, 2006

a record... for slowness

I took a trek to the very top of the highest mountain in Dalat. I'm young and have tour-guide-legs, didn't think it'd be a problem... it took 6 hours. A record - my patient guide told me, for slowness. Children of the local hill tribes skipped past me - on all fours as if going up an absailing wall. Very funny... I realised later. At the very top the view was amazing, endless green hills folded into the distant mist like ripples on the sea's suface.

North of Dalat, I arrive at Nha Trang. I was told there isn't so much reef as some fishermen use dynamite. It was all worth it though as I got to go into a very cool 'basket boat', which a lot of the people use here. From a distance, they look cool enough, like little people rowing in half a coconut - look closer, they're even better - they're actually big, woven baskets. I ran my hand over the surface, very impressed while my friend, Nyen, told me how they are woven and then given a coat of oil and cow dung.

Only in the last 5 years, electricity has come to these fishing villages and I also learned great bit of trivia (my overall image of this country so far is motorbike traffic) - that there were hardly any motorbikes 5 years ago.

year 2000: 5million people riding 1.5million motorbikes in Saigon
2005: 8million people riding 4million motorbikes in Saigon

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