Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Blogger paragraph-ignoring is very random. Anyway, the Nano book is taking shape. I’ve never gone into anything with so little clue of what I want the end product to be like. Trying to start, I felt dry and empty, regretting all those bold words about creativity I’d written below. I procrastinated all the first day, then had a drink with a friend, where we mostly talked about break ups and heart breaks, and I went home and used that as a starting point. I had a vague idea of writing disconnected short stories but it’s become something monolithic, about a group of people stuck in November, a stagnant place they’re having trouble breaking out of.

An author gave the nanos some advice and he talked about the importance of reading for pleasure (ie, all good writers must have a passion for the art of storytelling), so I told myself, I must read for its own sake more in order to be a better writer. Next thing I need to plan out is being more spontaneous .

Funny story: my last boss (the dufus one, not the evil genius) angered a Spanish tour guide with his ineptitude which caused lots of tours to cancel and so on. So the guide broke off and started his own company (love it when that happens) and dufus didn’t take the guy’s name off his own flyer. This new company are getting the calls, and the dufus still didn’t bother to take the number off the flyer when it went for the next three or so print runs - it's not that he didn't realise... it was sheer dufusness.

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