Sunday, December 14, 2008


'In the theatre profession we often suffer from the delusion that we are attractive as long as we are masked. The public believes that it loves us when it sees us in light of our work and our public persona. But if we are seen without our masks (or, even worse, we are asking for money), we are instantly transformed into less than nothing.' - Ingmar Bergman on his early film The Magician (1958, 'Ansiktet', also translated as The Face

This quote reminded me of the Tour Guiding days when we paid the company for the honour of working for them and depended on tourists to tip generously enough to turn the deficit into profit. I always tried to do the best job I could, fascinated with small bits of historical trivia which I would try to weave into a laconic, entertaining picture, but all the while I was hoping these people I was giving a piece of my soul to each day wouldn't screw me.

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