Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pearl Jam 20

Cameron Crowe has made a great Pearl Jam film to celebrate the band’s 20 years together. An amazing story – they were thrown together by the tragic death of Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood, recorded some songs and became an overnight phenomenon (a story that I presented to my English class age 16 – sigh).

I was a couple of years late catching on, but I remember a friend lending me his cassette tape so I could hear what all the fuss was about, and I still remember my reaction to those first few electric chords that bang out at the start of the Ten album – I’ve never been so impressed by any music on a first listen before or since. And I jumped on the bandwagon.

They looked great, they sounded great, and I always wondered why images of them disappeared and their sound became less easy on the ear like they were purposely stepping away from the limelight. There was actually an explanation for this. Even though they looked like born rockstars destined for superstardom, they were just ordinary guys expecting to play small clubs. The music was sincere and emotional, but after the attack of fame they stopped writing such revealing songs and wanted to become a more faceless band. Eddie Veddar explained, ‘This person loves your music, this other person hates you and your music, this other person loves you so much he wants to kill you…’ Fair dos.

Finally got to see them live last year. Good times.

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