Thursday, November 28, 2013


Another surprisingly good film was... Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. The title didn't appeal to me much, but I was lent the DVD, and it was about time I was reminded how great Tim Burton can be. I recently saw him in an interview with Melvyn Bragg, he talked about his beginnings as an artist/ cartoonist, and you can see how the images and style of his films are based on his drawings, the style he's created is a genre unto itself. There's a sweet chat with his wife Helena Bonham Carter, who showed a funny cartoon Tim made of her giving birth to their child, 'It's his form of expression.'

Frankenweenie has that eerie quality of past classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas, and a silent, empty, clear skied landscape that reminded me of his comedy biopic Ed Wood.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

And on the subject of top notch eerie animations, going back a few years, it made me think back to Henry Selick's Coraline, a much improved film based on a thin Neil Gaiman novel. These amazing, original animations are like wonderful gifts.


Old blogpost on some of the great animated shorts I've spent many an hour watching on youtube here, though I'm not sure how many of the links I put in are still working.

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