Monday, November 25, 2013


Saw the unexpectedly very good film, 1991’s Salmonberries with… k.d. Lang! Yes, I do love a bit of k.d. Lang, but the main appeal for me was that it’s a 90s Alaskan drama (Northern Exposure being my favourite TV show of all time). And it was everything a 90s Alaskan drama should be, beautiful landscape, a slow burning plot; k.d.’s character tries to discover her parents’ identity, and she meets an East German librarian, who for years has collected berries in hundreds of jars and whose husband was killed trying to cross the Berlin wall, probably due to some informing by her own brother.

Throughout the film, I felt it was very similar in feeling to 1987’s classic Bagdad Café, and hey, it was made by the same Percy Adlon! What’s even cooler is that he co-wrote Salmonberries with his son, and Bagdad Café with his wife. Beautiful.

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